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Fantomas - The Director's Cut Exclusive Puke Green Vinyl Pre-Order


The Director's Cut Exclusive Puke Green Vinyl Pre-Order. Only 2000 made worldwide.

The first time ever individually on vinyl, the second album from 2001 by Fantomas. The band is Mike Patton, Buzz Osborne, Dave Lombardo and Trevor Dunn. Reissued for Ipecac's 25th Anniversary.


1 The Godfather
2 Der Golem
3 Experiment in Terror
4 One Step Beyond
5 Night of the Hunter (Remix)
6 Cape Fear
7 Rosemary's Baby
8 The Devil Rides Out (Remix)
9 Spider Baby
10 The Omen (Ave Satan)
11 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
12 Vendetta
13 Untitled
14 Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
15 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
16 Charade
This is a Pre-Order. Release Date is May 19th 2024

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