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King Buzzo - This Machine Kills Artists + Gift Of Sacrifice Ipecac Exclusive 25th Anniversary 2LP Limited Edition Puke Green (limited to 500)


The two out-of-print solo acoustic albums from Melvins frontman, King Buzzo, packaged together in a 2LP gatefold vinyl. Includes an expanded 12pg booklet and bonus flexi-disc.


1 Dark Brown Teeth
2 Rough Democracy
3 Laid Back Walking
4 Drunken Baby
5 Vaulting over a Microphone
6 New River
7 The Vulgar Joke
8 Everything's Easy for You
9 The Ripping Driving
10 How I Became Offensive
11 Instrument of God
12 The Spoiled Brat
13 Illegal Mona
14 Good and Hostile
15 The Blithering Idiot
16 Useless King of the Punks
17 The Hesitation Twist

1 Mental Vomit
2 Housing, Luxury, Energy
3 I'm Glad I Could Help Out
4 Delayed Clarity
5 Junkie Jesus
6 Science In Modern America
7 Bird Animal
8 Mock She
9 Acoustic Junkie

1 Sick As A Goat

***This will ship early June 2024***

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