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Official Mr. Bungle rubber clown mask. Exclusive to the Mr. Bungle web store.

****These will ship week of June 24th****

A word from the mask maker himself, "The masks are created using Monster Maker's RD-407 latex. This is a high quality latex commonly used by mask makers who create products for the collector community. I pour them with a long dwell times to build up a nice thickness. I have created pieces that have been in existence for 17+ years with no problems. The key to a long life for your masks is to stuff them with plastic grocery store bags to keep its form and store or display it on a stand. DO NOT store it on a styrofoam head. The styrofoam will petrify and crack the latex over time. Another tip is to keep your mask away from direct UV light. Don't display it in a window where the sun is beating on it all day."

Mask either comes with closed eyes (for display purposes) or open eyes, allowing you the ability to wear the mask and see out it. You will be able to choose your option before purchase.

Size: OSFM

Item Sku: MRB-023

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