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New Model Army - Carnival - Redux - CD


New Model Army - Carnival - Redux - CD

We always felt that CARNIVAL was the one album where the recording, mixing and mastering didn’t bring the end result close to what we had originally intended in the writing. So when Edel declared their interest in licensing and reissuing the album, we discovered four associated tracks (B-sides and unreleased songs) to add to it and saw an opportunity to ‘reimagine’ the album as a whole.

We are aware that it is very dangerous for any band to ‘go back’ (and especially unusual for us) – so we made one absolute rule, that we wouldn’t re-record anything and we’d ask Lee Smith, who mixed From Here and Winter, to remix it using only the original multi-tracks, without too much involvement from us. Some songs have changed very little, others quite a lot. And to our minds, this has worked well and has enhanced the album’s principle qualities, particularly the wealth of original musical ideas, at last arranged in a sonically satisfying way; and in the spirit of this ‘reimagining’, we have altered the order of the songs a little to include the additions - while our artist, Joolz Denby, has recreated the cover artwork in a wholly new original version for this beautiful LIMITED EDITION media bookpack.



1 Water

2 BD3

3 Rumour and Rapture (1650)

4 Red Earth

5 LS43

6 Island

7 Carlisle Road

8 One Bullet

9 Bluebeat

10 Too Close To The Sun

11 Another Imperial Day

12 Prayerflags

13 Stoned, Fired and Full of Grace

14 Caslen (Christmas)

15 Fireworks Night

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