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Robert Aguilar AKA Rob Swift, got his start as a DJ at age
12, pursued his love for music and joined the groundbreaking
tuntablist crew the X-ecutioners in 1991, and has been turning
out great music ever since.
Always challenging the idea of what Hip Hop is and testing that
notion any chance he can get, on his new album The Architect,
Rob takes Hip Hop and effortlessly blends it with the genre of
Classical music to create an album that acts as the soundtrack
to his vision of where Hip Hop can head rather than where it is
right now.
With only one MC as a special guest on The Architect, Breez
Evahflowin, who brilliantly rhymes about the album s concept on
tracks Principio and Ultimo, Rob predominantly uses the
turntable to build compositions that express his creative state of
mind via the careful placement of cuts and scratches of symphonic
like instruments.
Rob Swift is always in perpetual motion, pushing the boundaries
of what he does and connecting with audiences by all means necessary.

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